Ray Sanchez

Ray Sanchez

Security Operations Manager, Major Accounts

Ray is directly responsible for managing a large guard force at a regional electric utility. This includes recruiting, training, motivating, and evaluating officer performance as well as overseeing shift management.

Ray is a former New York City Police Officer with extensive leadership experience.

He supervised, trained, and motivated plain-clothed police officers on the Anti-Crime team for Transit Manhattan Task Force. Ray also participated in the United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Monitor in the International Police Task Force and was promoted to commander of the IPTF station. During his mission in Bosnia, Ray became fluent in Serbian. Ray is also fluent in Spanish which is a valuable skill in today’s business environment.

Ray’s experience also includes:
  • More than four years as a security manager for Quality Protective Services and responsible for thirteen corporate and residential building accounts.
  • Director of Life Safety for Paramount Group Inc., where he was responsible for the security and safety of over five thousand tenants in a New York City high-rise building.

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