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Security Guard Services

Pagones-O’Neill Security provides fully licensed, insured, bonded, and qualified security officers and security teams when and where needed.

We know that our security officers are often the first point of contact between you and your employees, customers, vendors, first responders, and threats. Accordingly, we ensure that our personnel are always professional, and prepared, in their appearance and interactions, and effective in carrying out their assignment to protect and secure you, your people, and your property.

All candidates for security officer positions are interviewed by a senior member of our management team to determine character, compatibility with clients, experience, and leadership skills. Candidates are also background and reference checked. We are very particular about whom we hire to assign to your account.

Before employment, every security guard candidate must have completed the New York State mandated security guard classes and obtained the required licensing and registration. In addition to meeting our required initial standards, our personnel are tasked with completing in-service training, based on the site-specific requirements and each client’s needs. We practice redundancy and cross-training to ensure that our guards can cover multiple posts should the need arise for a change in personnel. We understand that to have an effective training program it is essential to listen to our employees and clients, making them a part of the conversation and decision-making process as it relates to training. We make sure that our training integrates all new regulations and industry reforms quickly and easily.

Our goal is to ensure that every guard we assign to a specific post is the best choice for that position based on the client’s desired skills and the guards’ preferred shift and job site location and duties. We strive to improve the likelihood of a long-term opportunity for our security officers.

It is noteworthy that Pagones-O’Neill Security offers an attractive salary, PTO policy, health benefit plan, 401(k) opportunity, and opportunities for advancement. These benefits contribute to our low turnover rate.

Guard Management Technology

We use advanced software to increase and maintain workforce accountability, improve operational efficiency, and enable better communication between our personnel and clients. Our supervisors and clients can track, monitor, and engage in real-time communication with the security team – remotely or on-site. Using GPS-enabled smartphones, security guards perform guard tours, capture incidents, and process visitors, enabling supervisors to provide them with the necessary direction from a centralized location.

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