Protective Services

Protective Services

At Pagones O’Neill, we are well known for our history, expertise, and flexibility in safeguarding high-profile and high-net-worth individuals and their families.

Protection Experience

Our protective service professionals are trained and experienced in identifying and avoiding potential threats to you, your family, and your property. Our mission in every case is to implement proactive measures so that our clients and their families are provided with the maximum amount of protection and comfort with a minimum amount of interference in their personal lives. We are aware of the special considerations that must be considered when working with clients of all ages under a variety of circumstances and conditions.

Protective Service Teams

Our Team members have significant/extensive former experience with the New York State Police Protective Services Unit for the Governor’s Security Detail, the NYPD Protective Service (Intelligence) Units, and the U.S. Military assigned to provide security and protection nationally and internationally for our government’s employees and foreign dignitaries. Many of our team members often draw upon contacts in law enforcement allowing us to facilitate our clients’ needs. When necessary, we will call upon our global network of strategic alliances to ensure that our clients are able to move swiftly and safely, no matter where the location or destination is.

Our legal department always confirms that actions taken by our operatives comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations that apply.

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