At Pagones O’Neill, our history, expertise, and adaptability extend into our specialized Canine Unit, ensuring a comprehensive spectrum of services that cater to the distinct requirements of our clients.

Our certified canine units, known for their precision and accuracy in identifying illicit substances, explosives, and contraband, bring a remarkable level of reliability to our detection services. With their innate sense of smell, our canines excel in pinpointing potential threats, bolstering the safety measures in place.

Leveraging the deterrent power of patrol dogs, our canine unit presents a robust and responsive line of defense against criminal activity. Furthermore, personal protection dogs add an invaluable layer to our clients’ security, trained to react promptly and appropriately to immediate threats to their handlers.

In emergency scenarios, our search and rescue canines emerge as critical assets. Their training enables them to utilize their acute olfactory abilities to locate missing persons, thereby adding an invaluable dimension to our rescue missions.

In line with our commitment to high standards, Pagones O’Neill strictly abides by the guidelines of governing bodies. This adherence to best practices guarantees the performance and ethical conduct of our canine units and their handlers.

Opting for our canine services equates to entrusting your security to a team of professionals with a proven track record and highly trained dogs. At Pagones O’Neill, our core commitment lies in delivering a reliable and efficient security solution that gives you peace of mind.

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