Fred M. Hopper

Fred M. Hopper, FAA License Drone Pilot

Drone Operations Manager and Chief Pilot

Fred Hopper manages our Drone Services Division and is responsible for helping clients identify threat, safety, and maintenance issues at utilities, schools, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and other locations. Fred and his team are experienced in using the advanced technology used in our drone, camera, and communication systems.

Fred’s skills are also valuable in locating missing hikers, assisting boaters in distress, and guiding rescue crews to victims. Fred is a former Emergency Medical Technician and Volunteer Fire Fighter and well versed in all aspects of emergency response.

It is important to note that Fred has thirty years of high-risk, professional, anti-terrorism, counter-narcotics, and advanced security operations experience enhancing Fred’s value to our team and our clients. Fred has also trained and fielded over 30 armed response officers and K-9 explosives detection units for special events.

Fred is the founder and former CEO of Spartan Tactical, Inc., a full-service security agency, specializing in high-risk operations to prevent terrorism, & narcotics trafficking.


NYS licensed armed security officer and trained explosives expert.
Former Emergency Medical Technician and Volunteer Fire Fighter. Well versed in all aspects of emergency response.
Military Police, U S Army – Lead a team of 75MPs.


Fred currently volunteers as the radio communications officer with the Orange County ARES/RACES Emergency Radio Team.


American State University, Bachelor of Criminal Justice.

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