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Pagones-O'Neill Westchester County

True investigation and security work is not always as easy as it looks in the movies and on television. Real private investigators spend many a quiet and patient hour waiting for the slightest movement, and rarely if ever get into exciting car chases.

Still, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be ready to take off at a moment's notice. Investigations and protective services can lead to unpredictable situations, and a real professional has to be prepared for that.

Pagones-O'Neill provides investigative and security services in Westchester County and the surrounding area. Our principals come with decades of experience, and know what it takes to keep you safe, and to bring the truth to light.

Using a delicate balance of knowledge and cutting edge technology, our teams offer clients timely and cost-effective work that spans from high-level government protection to individual matrimonial cases. No job is too big or too small, and we welcome the challenge of a new project.

In addition to the most advanced and reliable technology, we make use of good old-fashioned canine services when the need arises. The dogs with whom we work are always exceptionally trained and guided by very experienced handlers.

So much more than just private investigators, we also provide legal services, including trial preparation, litigation support and opposition research.

Because our staff is made up of current and former federal and state law enforcement professionals, we offer work that is on par with that of the largest firms in the world. Still, our attention to you is personalized, and we get started the same day you contact us.

Don't trust your Westchester County investigations or security to anyone else! Call Pagones-O'Neill today!

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