agones-O’Neill uses trained personnel who are experienced in all types of surveillance techniques and electronic equipment.  Our investigators have spent thousands of hours conducting video and audio surveillance.

Our surveillance assignments have dealt with issues such as insurance fraud, workers compensation and disability fraud, employee theft and product diversion, internal corporate matters, matrimonial and child custody issues, and illegal or unauthorized activity.  We are able to obtain virtually any type of video or audio documentation.

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Disability and Worker Comp claims
  • Employee Integrity checks
  • Infidelity & Custodial
  • Corporate espionage

  • Internal covert operations
  • Restaurant and Bar observations
  • All Criminal and Civil matters
  • School District/Residency issues
  • Theft and Product Diversion cases

Our reports are comprehensive and provide detailed information that can be corroborated by video and audio support when required.

Aerial Video Surveillance and Documentation


ur Aerial Surveillance Drones are used to obtain video documentation in areas and instances in which we would otherwise be unable to see and observe. Once the aerial footage is obtained, it can be enhanced, cropped, enlarged, zoomed in, and then transferred into a format that allows our clients to view the footage or to present it as evidence.

Pagones-O’Neill uses cutting-edge technology for aerial surveillance and video documentation through XFactor Aerial, a division of Pagones-O’Neill.

Assignments in which the surveillance drones are highly effective and cost-efficient include: 

  • Special events
  • Accident sites
  • Construction sites
  • Large rural areas
  • Neighborhoods and roadways
  • Property and assets hidden in someone’s back yard
  • Crime scene documentation
  • Active crime scene assessments
  • Security surveys
  • Large parking lots
  • Corporate facilities
  • Utility sites

Watch Video: Construction Site

Aerial footage can be used to ensure OSHA compliance,  to document an accident, to investigate insurance premium fraud, or to simply document progress on a job site.

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