Security & Protective Services

Whether it’s a single plainclothes protection specialist or a fully armed team of uniformed professionals for a high-profile event, we’re qualified to handle the situation.

Pagones-O’Neill offers a full range of services:

  • Site Security
  • Special Event Security
  • Unarmed/Armed Guards
  • Uniformed/Plain Clothes Guards
  • Executive Protection
  • Security Surveys
  • Protective Service Details/Vehicles
  • Vulnerability Studies
  • Security Plan Design/ Implementation
  • “Advance” Investigations/ Threat Assessments
  • Security Consulting
  • School Security Audits
  • School/Campus Security Officers

Protective Services


Our Mission

Pagones-O’Neill is widely respected for our expertise in assisting high profile / high net-worth individuals who seek ongoing security for their loved ones and property or require executive protection in response to a specific threat.  Our mission in every case is to implement proactive measures so that our clients and their families are provided with the maximum amount of protection and comfort while experiencing a minimum amount of interference in their personal lives. Where young adults, teenagers or children are involved, every effort is made to allow them the freedom and privacy they deserve while keeping them out of harm’s way.

Our highly skilled personnel are trained to identify and avoid any potential threats or confrontations. Where avoidance is not possible, we are able to deal with the situation at hand quickly, professionally and effectively.


Full-Service Agency Benefits

Because Pagones-O’Neill is a full-service investigative agency, we are able to complement our Protective Services and Security Guards with the ability to conduct immediate threat and risk assessments whenever the need arises. We are able to perform vulnerability studies, background checks of individuals coming into contact with our clients, motor vehicle checks and any other necessary “advance work” to ensure that we have the information required for our clients to remain safe.  Where necessary, we can conduct covert protective surveillance or surveillance detection, and provide global tracking and monitoring of individuals and vehicles.


Supervisor of Protective Services

Our Protective Service Teams operate under the direction of Scott J. Patterson, Supervisor of Protective Services.  Scott has over 30 years of experience with the New York State Police; 15 of which were spent in the Executive Protection Services Detail where he supervised the security and protection of New York State Governors and their families.


Our Protective Service Teams

Our Protective Service Teams consist of former members of the New York State Police Protective Services Unit for the Governor’s Security Detail, members of the NYPD Protective Service (Intelligence) Units and members of the U.S. Military who were assigned to provide security and protection nationally and internationally for our government and foreign dignitaries.  Many of our team members are from local law enforcement agencies, allowing us to draw upon local law enforcement contacts to facilitate our clients’ needs. When necessary, we are able to call upon our global network of strategic alliances to ensure that our clients are able to move swiftly and safely, no matter where the destination.


Protection Experience

Our members are all trained in executive protection and are experienced in dealing with the issues and challenges associated with providing security to clients and their families.  They are aware of the special considerations that must be taken into account when working with clients of all ages under a variety of circumstances and conditions. The superior skills and impeccable credentials of our personnel allow us to compete with even the largest international firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a threat assessment ?

In its simplest form, a threat assessment is a process used to identify and evaluate the risks a client may have.  Once the risks have been identified and evaluated,  we can determine the correct type and amount of security or protection needed.

What is a principal profile?

In addition to conducting the threat assessment, it is important for us to establish a principal profile, which helps us learn about the principals we will be protecting. This process involves sitting down with the principal and learning about their public and private lifestyles including, but in no way limited to, their home lives, work lives, daily routines, health concerns, family habits, etc.   In order for the profile to be complete and accurate, it requires complete cooperation and honesty on the part of the principal.

What's the difference between a bodyguard and a protection professional?

In short – a bodyguard usually specializes in intimidation, with or without a gun, and tends to be reactive during a threatening or critical situation.  The protection professional, on the other hand, may be less physically imposing, but is better able to blend in with the principal.  Because the professional will conduct an advanced investigation whenever possible, he or she is also better able to identify threats before they materialize, thereby being more proactive than reactive.  Our goal is always to predict and prevent dangerous or critical situations.

What can a client expect from a protection professional?

A protection professional will  have experience in defensive driving, emergency medical training, the ability to defend against an attack on a principal, a conspicuous pride in staying fit and the good judgment to assess threats and employ the appropriate countermeasures.

Security Guard Services

Pagones-O’Neill provides fully-licensed and highly-trained armed and unarmed security officers and security teams. We realize that our security officers are often the first point of contact between the public and our clients.  Accordingly, we ensure that our personnel are always professional in their appearance and interactions, and effective in carrying out their assignments.


Strict Compliance

Our on-staff legal counsel always confirms that the actions taken by our operatives are in strict compliance with the rules and laws of any jurisdiction in which we are operating.

Whether it’s a single plain clothes security escort, a team of armed and uniformed security officers for a high profile event or long-term security assignment – we’re qualified to handle the situation.


Full Range of Protective and Security Services

  • Unarmed / Armed Security Officers
  • Uniformed / Plain Clothes Officers
  • Security Drivers and Escorts
  • Site and Perimeter Security
  • Property and Gatehouse Security
  • School / Campus Security
  • Commercial & Residential Security
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Event Security
  • Security Surveys and Vulnerability Studies
  • Security Audits and Integrity Testing
  • Security Planning, Designing and Implementation
  • Counter-Measures & Computer Forensics
  • Executive Protection
  • Protective Service Details / Vehicles
  • “Advance” Protection Investigations
  • Threat & Risk Assessments

Our Clients

  • Private individuals
  • Corporations
  • Property management companies
  • Retail companies
  • Industrial plants
  • Educational facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Utility companies
  • Government buildings
  • Seaports and marinas


Surveillance & Covert Operations

Aerial Video Surveillance

Canine Services

Legal Expertise

Protective Services

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